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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

When ESI says "We are your personal I.T. department", they aren't kidding. The work that they have done for Clean Air Power in San Diego, Houston, Austrailia, and the United Kingdom is a testimonial to the fact."
Clean Air Power
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We know that our service and reputation is only as good as the employees. Our people have creativity, knowledge, experience that can create sustained value for our clients. It is through them that our customer service stays in tune with our Vision & Mission.

Our Commitment to Employees

We take seriously the investment our employees have made to make ESI Technology Group successful and give back 100% to our loyal team by:

  • Providing challenging work in a supportive environment
  • Discovering and fostering opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Creating an atmosphere that supports work-life balance
  • Empowering employees to continually strive for work product ownership and accountability
  • Listening to and learning from our employees.

Challenging Work in a Supportive Environment

Our goal is to provide employees with rewarding opportunities to use their knowledge, skills and abilities, and to be recognized and respected for their work and as individuals. As team members identify areas in which they would like to grow and we make every effort to assist them challenge their knowledge and performance so they can grow.

Personal and Professional Growth:

We want to help our employees expand their range of knowledge, skills, and abilities so that they have the technical acumen to better meet client’s needs. All technical staff are Microsoft certified professionals and they are encouraged and expected to continue their technical certifications to maintain competencies and grow with new technologies. We fully support their individual training plans to help them be ready for the next stage in their careers. ESI Technology Group offers a wide range of technical, administrative, and general interest courses through SkillSoft, at no cost to the employee. Additionally, ESI Technology Group pays for the employee’s technical training to prepare them for advance Microsoft and Cisco certifications. Organizations of our size in the industry do not typically offer extensive training benefits, but we believe in furthering our employee’s development, by offering a tuition reimbursement of $3,000 per year to each employee to keep them at the top of their game. We also offer in-house training and mentoring programs tailored to each individual’s needs. Our people learn from and are coached by the best in the business. We use a well-managed combination of classroom, web & online courses, and practical experience on the job to enable our team to help them grow professionally.

Work-life Balance

ESI Technology Group believes strongly in helping our people find a healthy work-life balance. Whenever possible, we offer job sharing, flexible start and stop times, and telecommuting. We also know that when they are dealing with family issues, this is top of mind; so we make every attempt to allow them opportunities to attend doctor’s visits with family members, attend day-time school activities with their children, etc. We also highly encourage all team members to engage on an individual level with the cause of their choice allowing them to flourish in their personal endeavors.

Ownership and Accountability

Working with our team members, we encourage accountability and constantly strive to maintain an atmosphere where accountability is fostered in a positive way. Each individual empowered to rise above the situation they are in and demonstrate ownership of the problem, so they can take personal accountability for solving the problem and putting the corrective plan into action.

Listening to and learning from our employees

Listening to our employees teaches us a lot! It’s all about engagement and finding out what they value; and how they view ESI Technology Group as a place to work. We honestly believe that the employee experience is every bit as important as the client’s experience.

We provide varied opportunities for feedback from our team, including:

  • Open Door Policy.  The employee experience starts in the CEO’s office; and all levels of management are trained on fostering an environment where an open exchange of ideas is encouraged.
  • Company lunches.  It is a time for everyone to gather around the dining table and talk about what is going on with clients, what they are going to do over the weekend — or whatever else is on their mind.
  • Monthly 1-1 meetings with management.  All levels of management are encouraged to schedule 1-1 closed door meetings with each of their team.  Again, the topic of conversation is left up to the employee.
  • Group socials.  We periodically schedule events that include spouses, where the first 10 minutes might be announcements that deal with company business so that the people affected by business decisions (the family!) can hear first hand some of what is going on.
  • Yearly Company Retreat.  We hold a yearly day-long retreat where we focus on team-building, sharing ideas for business development, set goals and expectations, and work on the business roadmap for the coming year.


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